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Tax Resolution Industry: What Companies are Financially Healthy? Maybe Web Presence will Tell

You can tell a lot about a tax resolution company's financial health by their ratings at which measures how busy websites get traffic. Now granted many tax resolution companies do NOT advertise on the web or may have refocused their energies outside of the internet. Nonetheless, I have redone the list comparing companies to where they stood in December 2010 and February of 2012. Very interesting results with commentary.

The Largest Tax Resolution Companies by Internet Presence

Company Location Website Alexa Ranking 12/2010 2/2012 9/2012

1. Tax Resolution Services, Encino, CA 267,000 391,740 484,396

2. Joe Mastriano, CPA, Houston, TX x 652,414 568,252

3. Guardian Tax Resolutions, San Diego, CA CLOSED IN 2016 x 321,112 718,818 --
( I never hear anything about this company -- I am shocked that they rank so high)

4. Tax Tiger, Sacramento, CA Tax Tiger x 964,694 781,598+

5. Alvin Brown, Washington, DC x 900,984 1,139,138

6. US Tax Shield, Encino, CA x 1,545,353 1,223,110++
(Big big google and google adword presence - they even have an ad under my name - Jay Freeborne)

7. Instant Tax Solutions, Idaho, x 1,241,861 1,443,406

8. Community Tax Relief, Chicago, IL x 528,931 1,643,531 -
(Company relies on mailing largely -- maybe they tailed off a bit in volume).

9. Tax Resolution Institute, CA x 1,078,913 1,678,183-

10. Optima Tax Relief , CA NEW COMPANY x x 1,774,138++
(This company has come out of nowhere - will they sustain the gains?).

11. Freedom Tax Relief, CA -- CLOSED IN 2018 x 1,193,918 1,753,572-

12. JG Tax Group, FL x 850,000 1,354,589 1,765,137-

13. Tax Defense Network, FL x 2,763,960 1,915,491++
(These guys market as multiple companies including the controversial and deceptive:

14. Limon Whitaker, CA x 1,885,867 1,942,080
(These folks must be keeping on their mailings to tax liens). COMPANY CLOSED IN 2014

15. Mike Habib, EA x 1,254,000 1,931,848-

16. NFA Tax Help, Houston, TX x 3,737,592 2,127,330++
Wow that is a fast zip up the charts for this company. Being Houston based, I just hope they are staffed by good folks - NOT from the now defunct and horrible Taxmasters.

16. Tax Resolution Talk, Seattle, WA 1,800,000 2,433,848 1,912,968 -The blog you are reading now.

17. Titan Tax Relief, CA x 3,767,000 3,290,548+

18. , CA x 1,155,429 3,539,507--

19. Omni Financial , CO x 1,722,562 3,902,131-
I don't think Omni has relied on their website for business, but this is a big drop.

20. Ameristar Tax Centers, PA x 11,382,378 4,511,302+
These guys I think have people working from home fielding calls. Well - they're still here. COMPANY CLOSED IN 2013 .

21. United Tax Group, FL x 7,742,061 4,972,228+
A company with an identical name in Cali closed last year, but these guys are growing. COMPANY CLOSED IN 2013 (?)

Honorable mention includes:

2020 Tax or who doesn't rely on their much improved website - they are active at contacting liens - going from 12,337,747 to 5,527,234

Interesting declines include:

Patriot Tax Resolution in CO who plummeted to 21,344,500 from 4,073,787
Tax Network USA /CLOSED? --now at 8,785,284 from 4,026,102 CLOSED NOW
ASAP Tax Relief - from 1,314,604 to 9,269,654 -- HOLY COW. CLOSED
Ideal Tax Solutions -from 1,449,721 6,629,344--WOWZERS. CLOSED?

Precipitous drops like above can't be a good sign. Most companies aren't moving away from the web. In most cases they are moving to the web. AS you would guess: JK Harris , Taxmasters , and Roni Deutch - previously ranked 308,000, 1,195,163, and 400,000 are all NOW CLOSED.

Here are my Alexa rankings from December 2010 -- Alexa Rankings 12/10 and February 2012 -- Alexa Rankings 2/12

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