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Marketing Tax Resolution Services - the Leaders in Web Traffic

As our current list indicates: a survey of 156 tax resolution companies, marketing tax resolution services and providing quality service are two different games altogether.

This historical blog post from 2010 shows that of the six most popular tax relief websites back then, only three survive today! (The data came from Alexa, ranking most popular websites in the U.S.).

1. Tax Resolution Services, 267,000 (now Tax Defense Partners).
2. JK Harris, 308,000 UPDATE - Closed in 2011
3. Taxmasters, 312,000 - UPDATE - Closed in 2012
4. Roni Deutch, 400,000-- UPDATE - Closed in 2011
5. JG Tax Group 850,000
6. - Washington Tax Services' blog you're reading right now! 1,800,000.

Who's the most popular in 2017/2018? Current rankings.

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