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Largest Tax Resolution Company: Taxmasters Gets $25 Million Financing - Buyer Beware

With JK Harris, Roni Deutch and other heavy TV advertising centric tax resolution companies going kaput, Taxmasters of Houston, TX stepped up its game by getting $25 million in financing as the following link suggests: Taxmasters to Get $25 Million in Financing

However, I am skeptical as previous posts on the blog show: Who's Next? Taxmasters already has $20 million in debt, a F rating at the Better Business Bureau, and problems with Attorney Generals around the country. Somebody really wants to lend to them? Or was this an equity for debt swap? It hasn't affected their tiny stock price very much: Taxmasters stock price

Nonetheless, if Taxmasters wants to dominate the market for tax resolution and meet their goal of $300 million annual revenues, they are going to have to do a complete 360 degree shift in they way they handle their customer service.

Washington Tax Services, my company, has a ratio of two customer service people (which might include a licensed tax professional, researcher or case worker) for every one salesperson/intake person. That's 2 : 1.

I would guess that Taxmasters has the opposite ratio on steroids. One customer service person for every 10 sales people. But I am guessing. One would hope that they really ramp up customer service to handle the volume of cases they "hope" to take in.

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