Why We’re Different

We don't create false urgency for people to hire us.

If you're being levied, you can be the judge of your own urgency.

We want the most informed clients.

That's why we have five websites to educate our consumers before they call us.

We don't cold call people with tax liens.

We also don't send mailings to people or businesses with tax liens, even though we used to.

Clients pay us a reasonable flat fee in full or over a short-period of time.

We are consistently told that our fees are the most reasonable in the tax resolution industry (!).

We're truly here to help.

If we don't think we can provide value to solving your tax problem, we'll give you free advice to handle the situation yourself.

We stand by our work.

We don't charge extra to appeal your case if the IRS or State rejects our original submission.

We're real people.

We're not a marketing program searching for a company to send leads to. All of the tax representation work comes out of one office.

Our approach has been nearly 30 years in the making, but it's hardly a secret:

Our Approach

Thorough Research

Your record is researched to determine where you stand with the IRS, what you owe, what years are unfiled, what years are necessary to file and to acquire documentation to do those returns.

Careful Monitoring

Your case is monitored by a licenced tax professional from beginning to completion. Calls are scheduled and deadlines are watched carefully to prevent you from being levied.

Professional Filing

We offer to prepare returns for a fee, or provide an outline with all documents so the you may easily file on your own.

Successful Resolution

Your case is worked to resolution whether it's a payment plan and penalty abatement, Offer in Compromise, and/or uncollectible status. If we don't reach the desired outcome, we'll work to appeal the case at no extra charge.

Four Employees Per Case

Two licensed tax professionals, a staff researcher and a case analyst is dedicated to every tax resolution case.

Direct Email and Phone Access

To check in on the process of resolution, key staff members will be available via email at all times and by phone during Pacific Standard time - business hours.

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