Haven’t Filed Taxes in 3 Years? Or more? What to Look for When Seeking Tax Filing Assistance

Assistance filing taxes can vary. Finding a IRS tax preparation service provider that is experienced and reputable - like Washington Tax Services - is key. The IRS generally wants to see the last six years of returns on file. Professional IRS tax preparation service providers will stress this.

How does Washington Tax Services handle tax filing assistance for you?

  1. Research and analyze.
    We get thorough information on your tax situation, treading very lightly by posting Power of Attorney for you and researching your record online.
  2. Make a determination, order records and file the returns.
    We'll determine the amount of years that need to be filed. All of the IRS records will be faxed to our office or we'll download them off the IRS e-services website.
  3. See if IRS filed for you and if you owe money.
    There are cases where the IRS filed for you—creating balances due—and you're likely going to be a hardship candidate. In these scenarios, we might not file the returns as it's a waste of effort; you're going to negotiate with them anyway so why bother?
  4. See if you're getting refunds.
    You are still eligible for refunds for the most recent 3 years of filing, anything prior to that will have sunset.
  5. Create a template for future compliance.
    WATAX can assist so you never run into a tax problem in the future, breaking the non-filing habit once and for all.

Why should you file your Back Tax Returns?

  • It's the law. Not filing a tax return can be a felony.
  • Buying or refinancing a house usually requires that you've filed your returns, for example.
  • If you want to get married, not filing might be considered a deal breaker to a future spouse.
  • The IRS might file substitute-for-returns for you without deductions and you'll owe more taxes than if you'd filed them yourself.
  • Your passport may not be issued by the federal government if you haven't filed your returns, making it hard to travel outside the U.S.
  • If you're self-employed, you might be missing out on increased Social Security contributions for when you retire.
  • To get health insurance on a health insurance exchange or healthcare.gov, which require you to have filed.
  • You might need to file your recent tax returns to get student loan aid for your kids (FAFSA).
  • To reduce your vulnerability to identity theft. Roughly 50% of multi-year non-filers have experienced some for of ID theft trying to capitalize on fraudulent refunds on unfiled years.
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