Weighing the Benefits of a Tax Relief Company?

Looking for assistance with your back tax issues? Checking Tax Relief reviews to help you decide? If you need help with your tax debt, be sure to research companies before hiring. Tax Relief Services can help, but here's 8 things to watch out for:

  1. Ridiculous fees. If a resolution company is going to charge you $3,000 or more for representation, you deserve the red carpet treatment. You should have direct access to your licensed tax professional and/or have the customer service rep who does your up-front analysis to be with you to the end. (we wrote more about what $4,000 of tax resolution should buy you.)
  2. Investigation or research fees that don't provide useful info. If you are going to have your IRS record researched, you deserve to get good information from the investigation like finding out when your taxes will expire or where you truly stand in the collection process. A "retainer" fee shouldn't be just a prelude to a higher fee or a fabricated call-to-action.
  3. Continuation fees. Many tax resolution companies tend to whack you with new fees once you're on board with them, figuring you're more or less locked in. (We wrote more about this phenomenon too, about why reopening fees are problematic.)
  4. Bad advice. Plainly and simply, many tax resolution companies will advise you to do the wrong thing. Here's an example where a "professional" botches a tax case.
  5. Dishonest advice, i.e. lying. The oldest trick in the tax resolution sales book is to tell someone that they'll qualify for an Offer in Compromise to settle their tax debt when they don't qualify. It's human nature: people just love to hear that they will settle their debts. Shady salespeople love to scratch this itch for profit.
  6. Misstating urgency and scare tactics. Salespeople and telemarketers harass those with tax liens, they're notorious for telling you that the sky is falling. "Your case has reached 'Elevated Status!" barks one company to its prospective clients, cold calling tax liens. There's no reason to fake urgency. An honest tax professional should lay out all of the options for you without emotion or scare tactics.
  7. Employee turnover. Whether big or small, tax resolution companies are notorious for having high employee turnover. As many of the companies are reliant on "salespeople," employees who can't sell enough cases are fired. Hence, your case keeps getting handed off from representative to representative. In these environments, the institutional memory of your case can deteriorate fairly easily.
  8. Going out of business. Running an effective tax resolution business requires a unique blend of great customer service with excellent marketing. Take one of those two elements away and you're out of business! We've documented over 100 companies that have gone out of business in the last couple of years: Dead Tax Resolution Companies - R.I.P.

WATAX passes all of these tests and has done so for 35 years. Any company that can't make this claim is probably not worth hiring.

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