Tax Relief Industry

Top Ten Tax Relief Companies in 2020 by Internet Traffic

2020 Top Ten Tax Relief Companies for 2020 by Web Presence as per

1. Mike Habib, E.A., 192k (on 2012 list)

2. Optima Tax Relief, 232k

3. Community Tax, 336k (on 2012 list)

4. Top Tax Defenders, 358k

5. Tax Defense Network, 580 and 810k (on 2012 list)

6. IRS Medic, 733k

7. Instant Tax Solutions, 753k (on 2012 list)

8. Ideal Tax Solutions, 833k (on 2012 list)

9. Tax Tiger, 1041k (on 2012 list)

10. Washington Tax Services, our company of 30 plus years, 1260k (on 2012 list)

Congrats to the seven out of the ten companies from 2012 that are still on the list.

Below is WATAX's podcast about the Tax Relief Industry: "A History of the Tax Relief Industry." Enjoy.

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