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Top 20 Tax Relief Companies by Internet Traffic

Top 20 Tax Resolution Companies by global ranking from

PositionCompanyTrafficTime in Business
1Optima Tax Relief824k5 years
2 (↑ 17)*US Tax Shield883k7 years
3Tax Defense Network, taxreliefcenter.org1.2m10 years
4IRS Medic1.1m7 years
5StopIRSdebt.com1.4m6 years
6*Community Tax Relief 1.7m7 years
7*Tax Resolution Institute2m20+
8*Tax Tiger2.3m15 years
9Alvin Brown, Attorney2.4m17 years
10Top Tax Defenders2.4m7 years
11*Tax Defense Partners2.9m19 years
12Larson Tax Relief3m11 years
13*Washington Tax Services (our company)7.9m28 years
14*Joe Mastriano, CPA3.8m36 years
15*Mike Habib, E.A.4m9 years
16*Omni Financial4.8m19 years
17Precision Tax Relief5m6 years
18*Colonial Tax Consultants5m11 years
19*Instant Tax Solutions5.9m8 years
20*Ideal Tax Solutions7.7m6 years

Previous surveys: see who fell in and out of the top 20.

Five years later, four companies in 2012's top 20 are now closed. But 12 are still in the top 20 (marked by a * above): February 2012 - Tax Resolution Internet Ratings.

Strategic Tax Lawyers dropped from #1 last year to well off the Top 20 (marketing surge petered out). Lothamer, Freedom Tax Relief and JG Tax Group also dropped off the top 20.

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