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The Sad Tradition of Southern California Tax Relief/Resolution Companies: Another Two Close

Add two more to the Dead Tax Resolution Company list - both

Limon Whitaker and Coast 2 Coast Tax Relief - two companies in Southern California appeared to have closed in early 2014. As their BBB records show--Limon Whitaker- BBB record and Coast 2 Coast Tax Relief - BBB Record -- their websites and phone numbers are NOT working.

Is it a coincidence that both of these companies relied on marketing themselves by sending out tax lien mailers? You can read ahead why tax lien mail marketing might have lost its relevance in our business: Tax Lien Mailing: A History and Overview of the Practice

We have mentioned time and time again - that Southern California tax resolution companies have a poor record of staying open as we alluded on the Tax Problem Resolution Blog list of 153 companies - --

" for what it's worth: Southern California tax relief companies have an abysmal survival record -- only one company out of 20 is still alive that were started in 2006 or earlier! Old Tax Relief Firms Survival Rate - Very Poor For their customer's sake, let's hope these guys buck these odds."

Nonetheless - let's hope that Limon and Coast 2 Coast didn't have a huge clientele to service - not leaving a forwarding phone number is pretty lame!

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