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Learning from Our Reviews About Tax Resolution Companies

Like anyone with a business that markets itself primarily on the internet, reviews are important to us. Washington Tax Services compiles all of our reviews on Google and Yelp on our website. We are also reviewed at the BBB and Best Debt Companies Reviews. We have also collected emails from folks 2005 to 2017. From analyzing hundreds of these reviews, we found some real common compliments and these are to our "accessibility" and "responsiveness." Read below. These snippets were from eleven different reviewers who hired us:

"Washington Tax Services always kept me fully informed and responded to my communications in an extraordinarily timely manner.

"...were very informative thru the whole process and he answered all my questions immediately."

" ...would answer my calls and emails right away letting me know that they got everything and that they are on the case."

" ...they respond to your queries the same day."

"...are professional with timely responses and guidance through the process."

"...were always responsive to my questions, professional and clearly understands how the IRS collection process works."

"...were available to answer questions."

"...kept me informed throughout the entire process."

"I've called and emailed him numerous times over the past 8 months and he has always responded within minutes."

"They ALWAYS responded to our emails and phone calls to answer any questions or concerns we had in a very timely manner."

"...never forgot the details of my case and was always available to answer questions or provide updates."

"...are responsive; they keep you updated constantly, and they answered every call I made."

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