Being Exceptional at What you Do.

I just want to thank you both for your urgency in completing. I received a call today that my daughter has been accepted into her new school. My tax returns were the only thing holding up this process.

I know it's your job, but you don't always have to go above and beyond; it's a choice, and in this situation I'm glad you chose N. and I! Thank you for being exceptional at what you do!

Again, thank you both <3

K. Williams

K. Williams, July 26, 2022

Offer in Compromise accepted after honest service.

Great News. My offer in compromise, 9/18 was accepted by the IRS, date of Compromise letter 02/19. Little late in receiving it. Awesome, thank you and your team for helping me achieve such great results. Tell me where I can post this for others to see. Special thanks to Jay Freeborne for running such a great and honest service, in an arena where so many scams propagate to take advantage of folks.

Carlos J., March 29, 2019

Successful Offer in Compromise of $19,000 on $242,000 owed.

Through a dark time you were a beacon of light and helped me out so much!

Thanks so much!!!

Matt. H, November 9, 2018

“(...) this means far more to me than just the money.”

I was having a very crappy day at work and then I got home and saw this "release of federal tax lien" notice, it greatly brightened my day. I going to give them two weeks’ notice and leave this very stressful job. I already got another job lined up, pays less but gives me back control of my time. All my other debts are paid and this big millstone is off my neck.

This will allow me to finally complete my CCNA certification. I’ve been working on it for almost two years. Completed the first part, but because of the erratic demands on my time my present job requires I couldn’t go into a classroom/lab setting and complete the second part. Now I can make that change, thanks to your valuable assistance resolving my tax issues.

I just wanted you to know this means far more to me than just the money. Again, thank you Jay.

Lloyd D., July 19, 2017

Careful research of options, praise for ethics and follow-through.

After investing the necessary time to investigate companies who could assist with an IRS issue spanning several years, I made the decision to hire Washington Tax Services. From my original communication interviewing the organization, all the way through the initial resolution of my issue, Washington Tax Service has proved to be a solid business decision. If you have an IRS issue I would highly recommend you contact them even if you have retained another service provided initially and here’s why.

Through the research of other tax service companies I found several national service providers to be misleading. Several of the companies I interviewed tried to oversell me on unrealistic expected outcomes while leveraging fear to win my business. At Washington Tax Service this was not the case at all as I found them to be the most ethically sound, setting proper/realistic expectations and customer focused in the industry. They have followed through with every single commitment made to me since my first call to them around 18 months ago. I get the same high level of quality, honesty and integrity today that they committed to provide pre-sale of their service.

Jay and his entire team have followed up with me on every question or concern I have had throughout the process. All the while providing me guidance through a very stressful time in my life, as the IRS is not an organization to be taken lightly. They have allowed me to sleep easier at night and I look forward to leveraging their service for many, many years to come.

Johnnie Holden, December 10, 2016

“They answered every call I made.”

If you have any sort of tax issue, Washington Tax Services is the ONLY place to go. I did a lot of research before speaking with Jay and his team. My small business had a penalty liability of well over 200K. You can imagine the stress upon receiving that news! Jay immediately put my fears to rest and he and his team did a remarkable job over the next two years. Bottom line, we are settling this staggering amount via an OIC for about 15% of the liability. I can't say enough about Washington Tax Service - they are responsive; they keep you updated constantly, and they answered every call I made. Top notch service by a top-notch team. It does not matter where in the country you are - if you have a tax issue, call the team at Washington Tax Service now. Thanks guys!

Paul L., March 4, 2015

CPA said to pay the IRS in full, offer accepted for considerably less than owed.

I had a huge tax debt coming out of two marriages. I had never had back due taxes before. My CPA told me there was nothing I could do and I would have to pay it. I found Washington Tax Services online, watched Jay Freeborne's video and was pretty impressed. He and his team are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I am happy to say that because of Washington Tax Service, the offer to settle my tax debt has been accepted for considerably less than what I owed. I would highly recommend Washington Tax Service to anyone who needs help settling their tax debt.

Kristie A., Orange County, CA, November 21, 2014

Kudos to Pam and Marty for keeping promises.

I just want to thank you [Marty] personally for the work that you and the staff at Washington Tax have done thus far on my behalf to lift the Tax Levy that I was facing. I want to extend a special thanks to Pam who did a significant amount of the paperwork, preparing the returns and other tax forms that were necessary to complete this part of the process in a very timely manner.

You did as promised, I am appreciative.

Earl L., Orange County, CA, August 14, 2014

”Forever grateful” for $1,500 service that was quoted $4,900 by a competitor.

After reading and hearing about many of the unscrupulous "Tax Relief Service Companies" in this industry, I'd like to leave my comments about Jay Freeborne and Washington Tax Service. I contacted one of the top 10 rated companies based here in South Florida last September, after receiving a letter from the IRS that they would be taking all of my pension checks for the foreseeable future, until I paid them close to $200,000 in back taxes. After explaining the situation to this local company, I was quoted a price of $4,900, with a $1,000 penalty type of payment also required. I did more research and found Jay at watax.com and called him. I explained the same thing to Jay, answered the same type of questions, and was told the fee would be $1,500, total. No hidden extras or charges. Just talking to him and listening to his no BS way with words, I signed a contract and we got started with the process. Eight months later (...) I received the Offer in Compromise Acceptance Letter for $16,500. Minus the $3,300 sent in with the offer, I owe $13,200 spread over five months. Everything he told me worked out the way he said, and I will be forever grateful. Having something like that hanging over your head for 13 years, is not a pleasant thing to live with. But what a relief when it's finally close to being settled. I couldn't live much farther away from Seattle than I do, and still be in the U.S., but that made no difference to me when it came time for my tax problem. He answered every time I called his office and responded to emails almost immediately. Several times I asked him if I owed him anything for the extra work he was doing, and he'd reply "No, it's all included." Unbelievable. I'm 65 years old and it's one of the best companies I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Call the other tax services you want, but before you hire one, make sure to give Jay a call. He and his staff are first class all the way, and you will never feel cheated or lied to. A great Company!

Richard M., Florida, April 22, 2014

10,000 mahalos: offer accepted for $427 on $200,000.

The IRS has ACCEPTED our Offer!! Seriously, this has got to be some kind of record. You and your team offered 427 bucks for 10 years of unfiled taxes totaling at least $200,000.00. And now I'm sending in $85.40 a month for the next few months- unbelievable. This is my Lotto. I feel exonerated! I owe it all to Washington Tax Services. 10,000 mahalos!!!!!

Robert L., Tacoma, WA, July 22, 2013

Thanks for professionalism years later.

I hired you a few years ago to negotiate a balance owed with the IRS. You settled with them an agreement that was more than reasonable. Today, I contacted you (although you were overwhelmed with work) to find my original agreement and print/scan my payment schedule. Your services are very professional. Again, THANK YOU Jay for your more than perfect services.

Patrick O., May 14, 2013

Offer accepted, stress relieved.

I received a confirmation from the IRS that they have accepted our latest Offer. I can't thank you and your group enough for resolving this for me. I have nothing but appreciation for the way it was handled. Not having to deal with the IRS directly, knowing I could just e-mail you and get an immediate response etc. was a real stress reliever. I imagine this took longer than either of us expected, but your efforts from beginning to end were always prompt and effective. I have nothing but the highest respect for the job you did. Continued success in providing a difficult service.

Gary S., Bradenton, FL, January 22, 2013

Innocent Spouse Relief awarded.

I just got a letter from the IRS approving Innocent Spouse Relief. Wowsy - you guys are good! Thanks. I am so grateful.

Leslie, Minnesota, September 4, 2012

Thanks for Ryan's service.

Ryan Griffith took our tax resolution case back in March of 2008. He has been a total blessing to our family and our peace of mind. Every time I receive a nasty notice in the mail, he is always there to answer my calls / emails and resolves the issues immediately. I know our case isn’t easy and feels like it will never end, but we really wanted you to know how much we appreciate Ryan and the Washington Tax Team. Our statute of limitations isn’t up until 2018, but knowing Ryan is there to help us and take our calls helps us get through.

Julie, Oklahoma, April 22, 2012

That Pam is really a great tax preparer. You are fortunate to have her working at your company.

Gary L., Los Angeles, March 28, 2012

Case closed and thanks to Jay and Matt.

Well, it seems the "Case Closed/Not Collectable (CNC)" letter completes our efforts for the time being. Their process took longer than I expected, but the results appear equitable.

I want to thank you, Jay and Matt, for all your assistance, support, and work. You unquestionably helped make a very challenging situation far more bearable. I appreciate your professionalism and expertise.

Terry, New York, December 18, 2011

Garnishment finally removed.

Thanks, Jay! Got my first regular paycheck in over a year today.

Phil, San Antonio, TX, October 27, 2011

Offer in Compromise accepted for $500 on $75,000.

I received an acceptance letter yesterday from the IRS on my offer in compromise which you prepared for me. I really appreciate it. $500.00 plus your fee is not too shabby a deal for 75k in tax liability. Thanks again Jay to you and your staff for a great job.

Gary, Illinois, August 9, 2011

Successful penalty abatement removed $52,000.

[The IRS] have approved our request to remove the failure to file and failure to pay penalties [of approx $52,000] due to our good history of timely filing and timely paying. Interest owed must be paid.

I am going to be sending the IRS a payment in the amount of $9,202.84 (...) to close out this situation with the IRS. Thank you for your advice and guidance during this process.

Mark S., Mercer Island, WA, September 9, 2009

Honest, no-pressure advice.

You advised me that based on what I shared with you, I should agree with the $409 installment plan and contact you in February to see if we can abate the penalties and interest on the back taxes for 2008 and to check to see if I owe for 2009.

I had called other Tax Relief programs and they all seemed to want me to sign up for their services right away paying a few thousands dollars for their services with no guarantee of the IRS accepting an Offer of Compromise.

I really appreciate your honesty and agree with your advice.

Zorina C., June 15, 2009

“You did in 3 months what I could not do in over two years.”

I'm sitting here with a check for $2,191.91 in one hand and an IRS statement with a zero balance in the other and I have you to thank for it. You did in 3 months what I could not do in over two years. The IRS was my last debtor, so now I'm debt free. I'll always recommend Washington Tax Service to family and friends if they have tax problems.

Jerome M., Seattle, WA, April 14, 2008

$5,000 settlement on $1,000,000.

I wanted to let you know the IRS accepted my settlement for $5,000. It was close to $1,000,000 that I owed.

Richard R., Ohio, December 4, 2007

Offer accepted for $3,146 on $28,000.

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help involving my father's case. Everything worked out perfect. All he has to pay is $3,146 out of $28,000. What a relief.

Latorshia S., September 5, 2007

Penalty abatement success.

I received a letter from IRS informing me that my request for penalty and interest abatement was granted. IRS will send a follow up letter with my new balance. Jay, Thanks for your help!!!!

Christian B., Long Island, NY, September 26, 2006

Successful penalty abatement removed $8,300.

I contacted you in March of this year with a tax problem. I was told I owed $9,700 in tax. I just received a closing notice from the IRS stating that the $1,400 I had paid already would be all I owed for the 2004 tax year.

This email is to say thanks for your help in this matter.

James C., New York, NY, September 12, 2006

Penalty abatement reduced more than $8,000.

I just wanted to let you know that your company got my bill reduced to $470 from more than $9,500! Please pass this along to the appropriate people who helped me. I was concerned that this was not real and very uncomfortable doing business with an out-of-state company that I had no personal contact with.

It worked out just great and I wanted to say "Thanks"!

Ann S., Charlotte, NC, December 22, 2005

I just would like to thank you for all the work you have done. I had the meeting with the IRS and they cancelled the amount that they said I owed them. The $55,000 debt was cancelled without having to pay a single dime. Thank you again: I was about to buy the home I wanted and now I can sleep in peace.

Angel M., Ayer, MA, February 9, 2005

Responsive, thorough care to resolve “immediate crisis” and instill hope for resolving IRS issues.

I want to thank you for the work you did for me. I called you with only three hours to spare before my payroll was run and a garnishment would have been in effect, leaving me with about $180 per week income. You stopped whatever you were working on and made me a priority and you had the garnishment released with an hour to spare. At the same time, you took the time to get my facts and succinctly size up the situation for me. While I was in a panic state of mind and stressed over the worst possible scenario, you managed a balance between calm and urgent, and put first things first. You took care of the immediate crisis of being in collections; the garnishment and then moved on to the bank levy before it was enforced in the next few days. Then when that immediate heat was off, you clearly explained the options for getting out of debt with the IRS. I really appreciate your ability to clearly and patiently make me understand the processes, possibilities and probabilities to end this nightmare.

You wouldn't believe if you were able to review my file at the IRS. Over many years, I have paid two different 'Tax Resolvers", and tried multiple times to work directly with the IRS myself. All with no real results. You were able to make getting out of debt with the IRS seem like a real possibility.

Your fee has been reasonable and I would strongly recommend you to anyone that I know with IRS challenges.

Camille V., Phoenix, AZ

“Thank you for getting the elephant off my back.”

I was very (VERY) lucky to find Jay Freeborne, Washington Tax Services on YouTube.

THANK YOU! Jay Freeborne and Washington Tax Services Team. My tax lien was removed, November 2017, and my tax obligation satisfied. Just like you said it would.

For those of you reading this testimonial, I was skeptical at first, however, Jay and his team proved their strategy works. And, I didn’t have to pay Washington Tax Services a small fortune to help me. I paid, Washington Tax Services a $500 retainer plus another $1000 to complete what we agreed to.

With Jay’s and his team help, the IRS agreed to an installment agreement, based on what I could afford to pay. Fast forward, two years later, I owe nothing! They saved me thousands and thousands of dollars.

And, while Jay and his team worked with the IRS on my behalf, during the initial stages. I was able to sleep at night, knowing this tax issue would be behind me someday.

Jay and his team are “The Real Tax Professionals”, so please listen to them, if you’re fortunate enough to hire them.

Thank you for getting the elephant off my back.

Anthony D., Phoenix, AZ

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