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The Offer in Compromise Program Lives On

We wanted to remind folks of an index of Offer in Compromise Articles from this blog which might be informative for you.

A Short History of the Offer in Compromise Program
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Do Offers Stop the Collection Process?
Another Kind of Offer: Doubt as to Liability
Offer Accepted: Equity Exceeded Tax Debt!
Qualifying for an Offer
Behind the Scenes: Doing an Offer in Compromise
OIC Staff Confusing Taxpayers? March 2008

And also emphasize a few new points on the Offer in Compromise program as it might suit your situation here in year 2012.

1. Stopping the collection process -- important
Filing the Offer in Compromise paperwork with the IRS will stop all collection activity against you as long no levies have been issued or are in process. (Those levies will have to be dealt with separately). So, if you are certain you are a candidate for the Offer in Compromise process and you are NOT currently being levied, it might be a good idea to get the paperwork into the IRS so you can be assured that the collection process is stopped.

2. Offer in Compromise review -- NOW centralized.
AS we wrote here: The Switcheroo, your Offer cases almost universally will be reviewed in offices in New York and Tennessee and NOT in the field as they were previously.

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