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IRS Offer in Compromise Accepted for Home Owner with $100k in equity for $1600!

Our experienced team of professionals has secured many offers in compromises for clients, even when their house and other assets had substantial equity. We understand IRS requirements as no one else does!

We successfully negotiated a $1600 offer-in-compromise with the IRS this week on behalf of our client who had a $140,000 valued home and only owed $40,000 against it. Our financial hardship evidence proved that access to such a large amount was not achievable due to minimal income and extensive expenses despite having up to 72K equity available; thus we were able to bargain an incredibly low settlement figure from them–testament again that expert knowledge is invaluable.

It's also important to point out that the house was her "home." The IRS will not forego equity in a rental property or investment property. In addition, to allowing for less home equity, the IRS recently made some of their most radical changes to the Offer Program.

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