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Minimum Expectations: What’s the Least Tax Relief Companies can do for you?

Many tax relief companies offer a teaser fee of $200 to $900 to get a better grasp of your case before upgrading you to a much bigger fee. A low starter fee sounds good, but what should you expect for that fee?

IRS research is hugely valuable and that's the minimum you should expect for a small down payment to an accountant, tax attorney or "tax relief" company.

IRS Research should enlighten you on the following:

1. What years you owe the IRS and when the tax debts are going to expire.

2. Whether the balances due you have are from returns you filed or ones that the IRS filed for you.

3. What returns you haven't filed.

4. All of your IRS transcripts like W2's and 1099's to help complete your tax returns.

All of this information can also help narrow how your case will play out. IRS Research will help determine if you qualify for an Offer in Compromise or whether your debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy, for example.

If you aren't getting this information from your teaser fee, then it might be time to get your money back from the tax relief company you hired.

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