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5 Thoughts of People Who Haven’t Filed Taxes

Five thoughts you might be having about not filing taxes:

1. I haven't heard from the IRS. Maybe they forgot me. They might have forgot you. But is it still renting space in your head? Maybe you should act and file just your most recent years?

2. I am self-employed. I might need Social Security benefits. Did I pay enough in? Middle and working class self-employed individuals might benefit by filing 7-10 returns, Owe a bunch of taxes and then settle their debt, restoring their social security credits at a massive discount in the process!

3. I got a call from maybe this IRS scam. OMG, I better get into compliance! Those scams are scary. But the IRS never calls first. They almost always send a letter. Still scared? Then it's time to get into basic tax compliance.

4. I need to get a passport but I haven't filed taxes! Can I get one? Yes, but if you owe more than $50,000 the IRS can prevent your passport renewal if you don't have a payment plan, hardship status or Offer on the table.

5. I want to buy a house, but I haven't filed taxes. Is this a problem? Yes, most lenders want you to file and provide proof of your last three tax returns.

In our 30 plus year history, WATAX sees every type of tax problem/non-filer case. Clients that come out-of-the-woodwork after not filing 20 years. Clients that hired us in 2013, do nothing, then re-hire us in 2019 after the IRS contacts them. Clients that never heard from the IRS for 10 years and then all of sudden an IRS Criminal Special agent leaves a business card at their doorstep. And then there's you, the reader of this blog, who has not been contacted by the IRS but who is wondering when your luck will run out?

Is 2024 the year to solve your tax issue? WATAX is ready to assist you now. Please call us at 1-888-282-4697 or email us a description of your tax issue and we'll contact you promptly.

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