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Concerns of Our Clients: Liens, Settlements, Avoiding Scams and Un-filed Returns

If you are a visitor to this Tax Resolution Talk Blog, you are quite possibly concerned about a number of tax issues. For example:

What damage does a Tax Lien do to my credit report?

What jeopardy am I in for not filing tax returns in several years?

I owe a lot of money to the IRS - would they take a settlement?

I have a tax problem. I heard these advertisements for tax relief on the radio. Are they legit?

Well, the Blog has answers:

Tax Liens are Removable. Here's How: How Do You Remove a Tax Lien?

Not Filing Tax Returns is a Problem. But Fixable: If You Haven't Filed Taxes in 15 Years? 3 Years?...

Settlements or Offer in Compromise are Possible. But Not for Everybody: Eight Things to Consider for Offer in Compromise

"Tax Relief Companies" are Sometimes Effective. But Some are Expensive and Shady: A Survey of 162 Tax Relief Companies

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