Tax Relief Industry

Are Most Tax Relief Companies Scams or Just Deceptive?

With hundreds of tax relief companies vying for your attention, what the heck is "tax relief" anyway? First, let's take a stab at that:

Tax relief could be considered:

1. Getting an Offer in Compromise to Settle your Back Tax Debt and remove tax lien

2. Getting Penalties Waived on Back Taxes or

3. Working out a livable payment agreement with IRS to avoid levies.

Those are the most common forms of tax relief. I guess you could add having a professional monitor your case and represent you, having your tax liability expire would be another accomplishment under a professional's watch. Those could be considered "tax relief" too.

So, regardless of what you owe, one or two of the above procedures are going to be pursued on your behalf. We have written Eight Reasons to Avoid Most Tax Relief Companies. Tax relief is beneficial, but should be administered inexpensively to you, by credible E.A.s, CPAs or Attorney and by a viable company with plenty of experience and good reviews.

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