Tax Relief Industry

Answers to Common Questions About Tax Problem Relief.

1. "Will I go to jail for not filing taxes?" If you haven't filed 1040 taxes in many years, you almost always won't go to jail. DOJ - which prosecutes criminal cases for the IRS - very rarely prosecutes non-filers and the reason quite simply is the remedy is easy: you file your returns. Problem solved.

2. "I really need to get the Tax Lien off. Can I Settle with the IRS in 30-60 days?" While we understand the fun of magical thinking, most Offer in Compromises take 3 and occasionally even 9 months to process (if you qualify). A penalty waiver request for multiple years takes two to four months.

3. "If I owe the IRS, will they seize my house, my car?" There are plenty of alternatives to resolving your tax debt - payment plans, Offer in Compromise or currently not collectible to avoid SEIZURE. However, if you have assets and are clearly not cooperating with the IRS, they will resort to seizure of a house or property.

4. "I owe the IRS. Should I hire a tax relief company?" In most cases, definitely not! Enrolled Agents, Tax Attorneys and CPAS who charge reasonably and give you realistic expectations are a better bet. Strongly consider the death rate of tax relief companies. Here's the current graveyard.

5. "I have a tax problem. Should I freak out?" Definitely don't freak out. Call a professional like those at WATAX. We don't scare individuals to hire us and prefer to lower the temperature of the problem before inviting you to hire us.

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