WATAX client settled $34,000 IRS debt for $100

Ms. BJD hired us in June 2014 and paid her settlement with the IRS in March 2016.

"Over one year ago I made my first call to Washington Tax Services. Jay Freeborne explained what WaTax would do and quoted their fee for my particular circumstances. Throughout our entire association all communication was by e-mail, phone, or fax. No need for appointments or for me to personally appear at their office. Jay and the people at WaTax always kept me fully informed and responded to my communications in an extraordinarily timely manner. Even with years of payments to the IRS, I had accumulated over thirty thousand dollars of taxes, penalties, and interest. And it kept growing. Washington Tax Service's result for my particular circumstances... They prepared an Offer in Compromise for $100 and achieved IRS acceptance." BJD, El Dorado Hills, CA

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