Mr. Moore hired us in July 2014. His settlement was accepted in June 2015.

"My experience with Washington Tax Services was incredible, to say the least. My experience started with a threatening letter from the IRS saying I owed almost 100k in back taxes and an unrealistic deadline to pay. I didn't have a lot of money, and I couldn't afford to be scammed. So, I called a company I heard on a local radio station, but got an uneasy feeling and a high quote. The quote I had to Google, they wouldn't give me on over the phone. I resorted to the web and found Washington Tax Services, they have an A+ BBB rating. So I called Washington Tax Services and spoke with Jay. He gave me a quote right then and there, 1/3 less then the other company. My first impression was he's just a fast talking salesman, but I was wrong. It wasn't "fast talk", it was confidence. All I had to do was answer emails, they did all the work. I soon had the feeling that Washington Tax had done this thousands of times. We settled my case for around 5K, and I was able to make payments. My suggestion to anyone with IRS problems is call Washington Tax Services, and get some sleep." Paul Moore, Grand Prairie, TX

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