Handling your IRS "Notice of Deficiency" Smartly

Has your IRS audit ended? If so, you will be getting a Notice of Deficiency letter with a final opportunity to dispute the audit in Tax Court. You have 90 days to respond. The clock is now running!

Tax Attorneys and your team at WATAX will help you determine if you should:

  • Go to Tax Court? Tax court representation can be expensive, but if you want to be certain you meet the deadlines, it's your best bet.
  • Dispute the Notice by Audit Reconsideration, Instead? Audit "recons" can be done outside the Tax Court deadlines thru Taxpayer Advocate or another venue.
  • Challenge the Notice thru Other Means? You could try to try to dispute your audit thru your original auditor or thru Appeals. If your tax return was never filed, you might submit thru another venue.
  • Accept the Assessment and Go for a Settlement? If you think your audit can't be salvaged, you can accept the tax liability and pursue a settlement or a penalty waiver.

A Notice of Deficiency must be dealt with smartly and with haste. The staff of WATAX is experienced with NODs and ready to solve this important tax issue for you.

Learn more about Notice of Deficiency here.

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