When Is It Time to Call on a Tax Attorney?

When confronted with tax issues, your best bet is hiring a qualified tax attorney you can trust.

In WATAX's 30 years of assisting clients with complicated tax concerns, here are the Top Five Reasons WATAX sees for seeking the help of our Tax Attorneys:

  1. IRS Collection Problems - You've received a letter from the IRS (or collections agency) requesting money that you're unable to pay.
  2. Multiple Year Non-Filer - You find yourself a few years (or maybe more!!) out of step with filing your returns.
  3. Audit Defense - You've received a threatening letter from the IRS assessing you with an unexpected liability or a liability that you don't agree with or understand. Or an actual tax auditor is assigned to your case.
  4. Business and Entity Analysis - You're looking to open up a new business (or to expand a business you already operate) and need to know the ins and outs of creating or changing the structure of your business.
  5. Expat Compliance - You live abroad and are out of the US tax system - looking to get back in.
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As someone who has, fortunately, little experience with legal problems, I was unsure where to turn when I received a VERY large tax assessment from the IRS. I was even more unsure about hiring a legal firm that turned up in the results of a search engine. But WATAX was the perfect choice. it took a year and a half—doesn't everything involving the IRS take forever?!—but WATAX was able to resolve my issue completely. I recommend them highly.
E. Schaltenbrand
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