Marty M. Griffith

by Marty Griffith, Senior Tax Consultant

This post originally appeared on The 941 Tax Problem Resolution Blog, which we've rolled into this site.

If you are a business that has fallen behind on 941 payroll taxes, you might have stumbled upon our 941 Tax Problem Blog today. Here's an overview of what this site has to offer:

STAYING OPEN with 941 tax issue

If your business has just had a "speedbump" in business and you have every intention to keep your business OPEN: you might consider an Offer in Compromise on your 941's. If you have burned a lot of bridges with the IRS - but think you can get back on track - you might look at Avoiding being Shutdown. And finally: if your business is solvent: here's an overview of your options: 941 tax problems in a nutshell.


If you are OK with your "entity" going away - you have to consider the benefits of dissolution on your tax debt: Dissolution of Entity with 941's - the Benefits. What if you want to dissolve and you have ASSETS? Here's some answers: Dissolving a Company with Assets. As the IRS has three years to assess you personally for a 941 debt (corporation, LLC, partnership only) , you have to consider your exposure: Is the IRS pursuing a ghost?

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