Marty M. Griffith

by Marty Griffith, Senior Tax Consultant

Licensed tax professionals like our staff are often the final resort for a business that's fallen behind on 941 taxes. The IRS is punishing to businesses that fall behind on payroll taxes. Depending on the personality of the IRS Revenue Officer handling the case, they may very well try to levy your company out of business if you aren't careful.

When we represent a company that owes 941 taxes all the way to the most recent quarter, we try to focus the IRS' attention on our client getting current on taxes now. We have our client focus on one payroll cycle at a time. For example, we don't care if you haven't paid any taxes for the fourth quarter of 2012. Just focus on the next payday! Send your proof of deposit slip or payroll coupon to the IRS agent on your next payday. Then, focus on the next payday! And so on.

What we are trying to do is build good will with the IRS before we resolve your back taxes. The IRS levy faucet gets shut off. And you just try to rebuild your company to profitability while staying current on your payroll taxes.

After a month or two of staying current, then we can go to the IRS and negotiate a solution on your back 941 taxes.

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