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The Short and Curious Life of “Tax Relief” Companies in Southern California: A Survey

Unequivocally, Southern California has been one of the epicenters of the "tax relief" industry. A few entrepreneurs started companies down there in the '90's and the DNA of those mostly now dead companies still persists in company's still going today. This blog post is a warning to you shopping for tax representation, but also an illustration of the difficulties running a long term business in the tax resolution industry.

Here is the length of time the following companies had in the tax resolution business before they went kaput:
(this is our best estimate).

From 2001 to 2013 - 34 different tax relief companies closed in Southern California -- :

Lasted one year:

Esquire Tax
Summit Tax
Alpha Tax Relief
Federal Tax Relief Commission
US Tax Liberty

Lasted two years:

Tax Relief Specialists

Lasted three years:

Tax Relief Headquarters
Tax Network USA
Ameripride Tax
Power Tax Care

Lasted four years:

Us Tax Relief Agency
Tax Helpline
Tax Lifeboat

Lasted 5 to 6 years:

Capitol Tax Relief
Traveler's Tax
Strategic Tax Resolutions
Advantage Tax Resolution
Progressive Tax Relief
Citizen's Tax Relief
Associated Tax Relief
Tax Care Professionals
Preferred Tax Relief
Link and Associates
Titan Tax Relief

Lasted 7 to 13 years:

Power Tax Relief
Tax Relief ASAP
American Tax Relief
Innovative Tax Relief
Nationwide Tax Relief
National Tax Relief (not to be confused with
United Tax Relief - So Cal.
411 Tax Relief
Professional Tax Care
Tax Inc.

So who's left in the tax relief industry in So Cal?

10 plus years of existence:

Tax Defense Partners
Tax Resolution Institute
Segal, Cohen and Landis
Fix Your Tax Problem
Tax Crisis Institute

5 to 7 years of existence

Mike Habib, E.A.
Premier Tax Solutions
Blue Tax
Guidance Tax Relief
Tax Resolution Professionals
Direct Tax Relief
National Tax Experts
Perfect Tax Relief

3 to 4 years of existence

Loyal Tax Group
Fair Tax Resolutions
Coast 2 Coast Tax Relief
US Tax Solutions
Tax law advocates
True tax solutions
911 Tax Relief
Nation Tax Law
Certified Tax
Apex Tax
Flat Fee Tax Service
South Coast Tax
National Tax Network
Orange County Tax Relief
GSATax Law
Platinum tax Defenders
Strategic Tax lLawyers
Elisabeth Gonsalves - law firm
Five Star Tax Resolution
Tax Champion
Guardian Tax Resolutions

1 to 2 years of existence

Optima Tax Relief
Tax Law Advisory
Tax Cuts Center
Tax Monkey
New Life Tax Relief
Authority Tax Services
National Tax Debt/Tax Lien Processing Center
Clear Choice Tax Solutions
Landmark Tax Group
DWK Tax Group
Cool Tax Services

Notice that the most recent class of tax relief companies is smaller than the pack that started 3 to 4 years ago. Trust us - we're happy about this as the market for tax representation is starting to shrink a little bit.

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