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Tax Relief Industry Consolidates with Smaller IRS - Yet Non-Filers Still Motivated

With the IRS budget shrinking 17% since 2010 and their limited resources redirected to fight identity theft and administer the ACA, it has NOT exactly been a boom time for those tax professionals and "tax relief" companies that protect debtors from the IRS. Our list of 156 Tax Resolution Companies continues to shrink and you will notice on our New Tax Relief company list that ONLY two companies came into existence in year 2016 - whereas an estimated 12 were created in 2015. The first Trump budget also cuts the IRS even further.

Yet with income taxes still representing 46% of the federal budget and April 15th still pretty fearfully imprinted into American psychology, we at Washington Tax still see plenty of customers that realize that they need to get their tax affairs in order. Motivations to get into tax compliance are still multiple including recent legislation to revoke passports of folks who owe the IRS $50,000 or more. Not filing your taxes also prohibits a lot of adult activities like buying a house or having a potential fiancee consider you "marriage material."

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