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Tax Problem Blog - Spring Update - What’s Happening in the Tax Resolution World?

It's pretty intense here at the home of the Tax Problem Resolution Blog -- early spring being that time - when people have taxes on their mind and New year's resolutions still have some legs. We thought this would be a good time to summarize what we're seeing out there in this still new 2014.

The "IRS Investigative Bureau" Scam Still is Cooking

Have you received a call from a strong accented individual with a common American name like Michael Smith? Well so have thousands of others. These Al-Qaeda-like scammers have been pretending to be IRS agents and threatening jail-time to people they find on IRS lien lists. But you can avoid jail time, etc. if you pay them (!). This phenomenon has filled up the Comments Section of a post we did a few months ago: Original Post on Scammers Apparently the TIGTA division of the IRS is on to these guys, but clearly - they're not succeeding at shutting the scam down as the Comments section shows.

Non-Filers of Many Years are Coming Out of the Woodwork and calling

Is the year where you free up your brain and heart from your non-filing anxiety? Haven't filed in 4 years? 8 years? How about 20 years? We know what to do with these kind of cases. And the answer and solution is usually far easier than you thought. More on the non-filing phenomena and solutions: here...Non-Filers Section

Offer in Compromise program still going strong...12 month rule still revolutionary

The Offer in Compromise filing fee went up to $186 (up from $150) but not much else has changed with the Offer program since the big rule changes in 2012. If you can't pay your tax debt before it expires ( 10 years from assessment) you should look at this program. Here's our Six Part series on the program: Offer in Compromise Rule Changes

"Tax Resolution" Industry Less Scam Free than Ever But Bad Eggs Still Out there

We've come a long way from the era of Taxmasters and American Tax Relief - now dead scammers of yesteryear - but there are still a few bad eggs in our industry - you can check some of them out here Not Recommended List And if you want to skip over that list, you can check out our list of highly recommended tax resolution companies as well some industry stalwarts.

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