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Tax Lien Cold Caller: Federal Tax Relief Commission Closed???

Another update to the annals of tax relief scams: a company called "Federal Tax Relief Commission" whose location we have never been able to identify and who never had a Better Business Bureau record -- doesn't seem to be open. Their website: and the phone # that we had for them was 800-975-9450. Neither of these are working? Remember : this could be a temporary thing and not a permanent thing.

Bottomline is: one had to be suspicious about these guys:

1. They cold called tax liens - a questionable practice to say the least.
2. Their website listed multiple locations but one could never figure where they were actually located.
3. They had no Better Business Bureau listing.
4. They were started in 2012.

Here's what we wrote about them on the list of Tax Resolution companies:

"87. Federal Tax Relief Commission, 2012, Exact location unknown. TAX LIEN CALLER

Federal Tax Relief Commission cold calls people with tax liens. They leave messages as FTRC. They are particularly after clients who owe a lot to the IRS. They have a bull##it line that "your tax case has been flagged for a HIGH DOLLAR UNIT." This is FALSE for TWO REASONS: 1. The Large Dollar unit has been retired -- 2. $20,000 does NOT constitute a large dollar balance -- $100,000 plus does. A client of mine talked to a Michael Davis at FTRC. The phone number they list on their website is: 1-800-975-9450.

These are two big questions that I have for FTRC: 1. Where is your main office? You say you are in Seven different cities including Seattle. So does your website: I don't believe you. Nationwide Tax Relief said the same thing and had pictures of their various offices around the country. They were closed. Prove me wrong. 2. Where's your Better Business Bureau record? AS of January 2013 -- I still DO NOT SEE A BBB RECORD FOR THESE GUYS."

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