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$100,000 plus Tax Debts -- Now Get Assigned IRS Revenue Officers -- But How Quickly?

As I have written on the blog previously HERE and HERE, if you owe the IRS in excess of $100,000, you will eventually have a local IRS Revenue Officer assigned to resolve your case.. Previously many of these cases were assigned to what was called the Large Dollar Unit (which was largely based in the NY State area). The important question, though, these days -- is how fast the IRS Agents are getting assigned to the case? Well, based on the calls that we have been getting from Revenue Officers in the last couple of weeks, it appears that the back log of cases waiting to be assigned to the "field" is finally getting addressed.

Here's an interesting case example: a client in Kentucky who hired Washington Tax Services in January of 2009 FINALLY got a Revenue Officer assigned to his case. Our client owes $500,000 to the IRS for 1040 taxes. Looking at our research notes in January of 2009 -- the case was in a queue for a Revenue Officer (!). So, essentially, it took THREE YEARS for the case to reach an agent. Bottomline: I think the IRS is understaffed in their local offices and that explains the delay. There also could have been a delay as the Large Dollar Unit cases were difficult to transfer smoothly as well.

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