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by Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent

If you live in one of the 43 States that have an individual income tax, you might also be delinquent on State taxes as well as the IRS. The good news - is that your state tax payments on back taxes - are now factored in when determining an Offer in Compromise for the iRS as you can see HERE. Whereas a few years ago they were NOT allowed.

Here's a basic rundown of State collection agencies as we see it from the offices of watax.com:

Very Aggressive:

Franchise Tax Board - California - very aggressive - particularly on older years ('90's). They are also not inclined to release levies.
Mississippi - Pursuing a client of ours for a 1993 tax liability - STILL!
South Carolina
North Carolina

Aggressive but Workable:

New York State Dept of Taxation -
New Mexico

Sleepy and Not Visibly Aggressive:

Georgia- the collection's branch in Georgia is very weak and not organized in our opinion - this is A PLUS FOR YOU!
Pennysylvania - big time sleepy agency - never seen an aggressive case in years...

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