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Shopping for The Right Price/Value: Washington Tax Services vs. Optima Tax Relief

As any reader of the Tax Problem Resolution Blog knows -- we keep a close eye on the competition in the world of tax resolution and representation services. Unequivocally - the biggest player - as far as the spending of the marketing dollar is Optima Tax Relief in Los Angeles. Optima began in early 2012 - but in very little time has become one of - if not the LARGEST tax resolution firm in the country. They also market themselves as Tax Relief Partners. But we can hear Optima everywhere - the radio - and have even seen some of their stuff on TV.

To Optima's credit -- their BBB record is still solid and considering their volume of clients that's impressive: Optima Tax Relief - BBB record. Nonetheless -Optima does charge a PREMIUM for the services. In our experience, our firm - - charges much less and for - in our opinion - a quality customer service experience to boot. Optima certainly can counter-argue - that "you get what you pay for" -- they have Attorneys, CPA's and Enrolled Agents -- we have only Accountants/Enrolled Agents. And we don't begrudge them that opinion. But simply - our fees are so much lower - that you want might to reconsider who you entrust to solve your tax problem:

If you have spoken to Optima and been quoted a fee: here's a link to a general outline of WATAX's fee structure (you might be impressed):

Fees for Tax Representation: WATAX

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