Jay Freeborne

by Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent

So...you've got a beautiful website, taxreliefpartners.com, a really well-thought out and functional site that clearly could generate business for your company and new clients. But like a lot of these lead generation sites for people who need help on their tax problems -- there is no there THERE. You list an address in Santa Ana, CA and a BBB accreditation, but you go to the BBB site and...well there is NO BBB site in Southern California (BBB was closed down there due to a bribery scandal). Then you go to the businessconsumeralliance.org site which has replaced the BBB for the time being - but there is STILL no listing there.

It's so easy to get sucked into the beauty of these sites, but then be left so high and dry. If you are going to lie about being accredited with the BBB? Why should we trust you to handle someone's messy tax problem? Will they still be there for you, nine months later when the tax problem really needs special attention?

Demand more from tax resolution companies on the web. Don't get lost completely in a beautiful website. Insist on seeing the names of their licensed professionals. Look for intelligent thought provoking content. Better yet, talk to someone with real experience solving tax problems.

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