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Shopping for Representation to Solve Your Tax Problem - A Simple Check-list.

Greetings stumbler upon the Tax Problem Resolution Blog - the ongoing blog written by the staff of Let's start a simple discussion this midsummer day with a question: what criteria should you use in choosing a tax professional to represent you or your business in solving a tax problem?

Here's a couple of good yardsticks for measuring a tax resolution company:

Length of Time in Business -- The tax relief business is renowned for the fly-by-night company as our famous Dead company list shows. It's a safe bet to hire someone with - why not - 10 years of business in more!

Rated at the BBB--- While the BBB has it's imperfections (check out the grade inflation in Colorado for instance) -- it does show how long a company has been in a business and whether the company addresses complaints.

Grasp of Tax Problem Concepts--- Your interview with a tax resolution company or professional should leave you with a lot of possibilities of how your tax problem can be resolved - but no exact solution should have been proposed. However - you should know exactly what they need to resolve the case and a good idea of how the process unfolds within the company.

No Hard Sale--- If you received more than one or maybe two followup calls from a tax relief company - that's a bad sign. Their desperation shows - looks they don't have much time for customer service!?

Reasonable Fees --- tax representation isn't always rock bottom cheap but it doesn't need to be $3000 plus all-the-time. Check our fee examples for a good ballpark of what should be charged.

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