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Revisiting Our List of 165 Tax Resolution Companies (and 42 dead ones): What to Look for...

The most popular feature of the Tax Problem Resolution Blog is our list of tax representation resolution companies around the country: A List of 165 Tax Resolution companies . The list is pretty straightforward - after obviously praising ourselves and another company (it's our blog!) :) We list:

Industry Stalwarts - Companies that Have Been in it for the Long Haul

Questionable Companies: Companies that Have Torched their BBB records

New Companies from 2008 - onward

Companies That Are Gone - Closed

From 1998 to 2013 - about 42 companies with national aspirations of representing people on their tax problems - went under - that is a pretty astonishing figure I think - and a statistic - that should make you wary of hiring anyone to represent you on your tax problem.

But really - when push comes to shove - how can you be assured that you won't get ripped off and abandoned by your representative? Making sure who the licensed tax professional is on staff handling your case. Even if a company closes - this person is ethically obligated to continue to represent you! Even if the company closed. Knowing that person's name and their license requirements is important when hiring a firm -- Just in CASE!

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