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Revisiting the List of Tax Resolution Companies in 2015

Since 2008, when we started the Tax Problem Resolution Blog, we have been keeping a close eye on the "tax resolution industry." We have created five lists of companies: the dead ones, new tax relief companies and the tax resolution companies that are really in it for the long haul like Washington Tax Services.

In today's post, we wanted to give you an overview of how we rank companies and how our popular list works:

Dead Tax Relief Companies

Since 2001 - we have chronicled at least 70 tax relief companies with national exposure who went defunct: Deceased List of Tax Relief Companies 2001 - 2015. A common theme on this list is that these companies truly revealed their demise thru their BBB records. Their closure was almost always preceded by a very poor rating at the BBB.

New Tax Relief Companies

As the below post indicates - a slew of tax relief or tax resolution companies came into being between 2009 to 2015 - 133 approximately and the blog does its best offering current info about these companies: New Tax Resolution Companies.

Great and Solid Tax Resolution Companies*****

We have identified 36 companies including ourselves - both Great and Solid who we think are really looking after the best interests of their clients. Their fees do vary greatly (Washington Tax Service's often on the more reasonable side) but these companies have demonstrated competence by their long time in the business of solving tax problems.

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