Jay Freeborne

by Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent

For decades, WATAX has been reporting on the status of IRS collections, particularly on how it affects our customers who have tax liability. It is pretty clear to veterans of the tax relief industry that since January 2016, the IRS ACS has been very light in the realm of issuing tax levies due to understaffing and recently the COVID crisis has diverted many resources to administrating the stimulus payments. At some point, the IRS has to get back to its primary duty: collecting taxes to fund the government. A recent memo states that starting August 15th 2021, IRS will resume issuing levies and tax liens. So...get ready...time to finish preparing your missing tax returns and soon after create financial statements to determine how to resolve your tax debt.

Up to now, the IRS has certainly been issuing demand letters to people with tax liability. However, they have been ambivalent about acting on these warnings by sending actual liens and levies. They have done levies occasionally, particularly for IRS debtors whose debts are expiring, but it is infrequent. (Revenue Officers, on the other hand, who handle the biggest tax liabilities, have been issuing levies throughout this time.)

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