Jay Freeborne

by Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent

So in 2007 - I - Jay, the blogger - started tracking the resolution of all of my cases (just one staff member of watax.com) and then hopefully - use the data for potentially new customers or for the Tax Problem Resolution Blog.

Well here's the numbers in just under 7 years of tracking cases:

Resolved or not resolved - 2007 thru 2014:

75% Cases Resolved: (1187 cases)
13% Cases Partially Resolved - Client didn't follow thru. (173 cases)
12% Cases Closed due to Lack of Information or Contact. (205 cases)
Less than 1% of Cases - Closed with Refund or Misunderstanding - Sometimes Requiring Negotiation (9 cases)

Since the late summer of 2013 - I tracked the type of tax resolution clients received - (click on links for more about the procedures) 2013 to 2014:

In the last 11 months:

IRS Offer in Compromise 80 cases
IRS Currently Not Collectible 55 cases
IRS Payment Plan (with possibility of Penalty Abatement)113 cases

IRS Record Research - Only 44 Cases
IRS Audit Defense 14 cases
IRS Audit Reconsideration 4 cases
IRS and State Tax Preparation Only 44 Cases
IRS Penalty Abatement 9 Cases
State Representation Only 29 cases
IRS Business Dissolution - 1 case
IRS and State Mixed Representation - 6 Cases
FBAR - Foreign Banking Disclosure - 1 Case
44 Cases Closed
27 Cases Partially Closed

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