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Have a Tax Problem? What Licensed Tax Professional should you choose: Enrolled Agent, Tax Attorney and/or C.P.A.?

WATAX - our company - is 35 years in the business of helping people solve their tax problems. In our history: we have had Tax Attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents on staff. Currently, we have four Enrolled Agents: Jay Freeborne, Stephanie Johnston, Pamela Raines, and Madison Halliday.

Experience and Knowledge is Most Important
When shopping for tax representation - it isn't the exact license that is important ...but rather the tax professional's experience and knowledge. This experience can't be boilerplated by a degree or license. The knowledge can only be gained thru repeated practice of tax resolution cases - again and again and again. Ms. Raines and I, for example - have over 40 years of experience between us - handling the weirdest tax resolution cases under the sun - both collections, audits and examinations.

Attorneys - Unique for Tax Court and Criminal Representation
Tax or just plain-old attorneys come in handy if you have a Criminal Tax case or a Tax Court case. Only an attorney can represent you on those cases UNLESS you find an Enrolled Agent with tax court accreditation. In the 17 years I have worked at Washington Tax Services -- I have seen 3 Criminal Cases and a total of zero cases worth of Tax Court - as there are so many better venues for audit resolution than Tax Court. Both are very rare beasts indeed.

Fees $$$ - Attorneys vs. Enrolled Agents
To become an Attorney is an expensive endeavor. And that expense is often passed on to you - the consumer. We have found in our 25 plus years that Washington Tax Service's cost is far lower than the average Tax Attorney.

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