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Jay Freeborne, E.A.

Jay Freeborne is an Enrolled Agent and has worked for Washington Tax Services since 1997, doing tax resolution analysis, providing customer service and representing select clients before the IRS and/or State. Jay also manages the business and expat cases: preparing Corporate and Expat returns and advising on business entity choices. A graduate of Denison University (1989), Jay puts his English major skills to the test with our blog. The "Tax Resolution Talk Blog" got its start back in 2008.

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Jay Freeborne

I am a veteran with PTSD who found out my ex hadn't filed our taxes for years. Jay helped calm me down and set up a plan to get the mess straightened out. He has been helpful and patient every step of the way.

Swan Myst

Amazing service! I received a letter from IRS demanding “full payment within 11 days“ for a mistake my previous CPA made. Not only did I get an immediate emailed response (on a weekend), I got clear and concise information about what I could expect with the process. I got concrete information and Jay was so helpful in a very scary and intimidating IRS process. I’m so grateful for their help and I appreciate this service so much! Would definitely recommend.

Jai Bel
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