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From BBB “accredited” to F rating to closed: The Sad Cycle of Tax Resolution Companies

We are an adding another tax resolution company to the deceased list. Apparently Professional Tax Care of Los Angeles which started in 2008 is no longer operating. Phone calls seem to be rerouted to a call center called "The Tax Help Center."

Again sorry to the clients who were abandoned. A poster on the blog did express this warning a few months ago:

I’m writing you because of some disturbing information I read on your blog under the title “Recommended Companies But With Some Reservation.” For the most part, your assessments on the mentioned companies are correct for the exception of # 7 – “Professional Tax Care”. You mentioned they started in 2003. I can only assume you received this info from either the company records or the BBB. Either way, this is untrue. Let me give you a brief synopsis of how “Professional Tax Care” got started and their name… I can say the things I do because I witnessed it all.

Chris Seminatore – President of PTC, got his start in the tax resolution industry through a company in Los Angeles that you may be aware of as… “Tax Care Professionals” back in 2008 after he answered an ad in craigslist. Keep in mind that Chris claims he never did tax relief before and was hired as an opener. Chris had been working for a few months there and for some reason he was doing really good at selling the services and becoming a lead sales rep. However, after about a month it was discovered that he was guaranteeing the services of tax relief to new prospective clients, therefore cranking up his sales. Once the director of PTC heard of this he was immediately fired on the spot and escorted out of the building while he was screaming that “this was all unfair”. Funny thing was, a few months go by and we heard of a new tax relief firm open up in Beverly Hills named “Professional Tax Care.” How ironic the resemblance of the two names… Tax Care Professionals – Professional Tax Care. Later it was discovered that Mr. Seminatore through the help of his girlfriend who had a lot of money, funded his dream of opening a tax firm mainly due to the fast money this type of business represents. You see, Chris was a failed director trying to make it in Hollywood for but for whatever reason could not get latched on to Hollywood. So since he failed in Hollywood, he figured he could play a president of a tax relief firm with only a few months experience under his belt. Now I’m sure he has surrounded himself with people who have done tax relief, but Mr. Seminatore is no one to be trusted. I enjoy the You Tube video showing him sitting very cordial with law books in the back as he spits out the lies he claims his company can do to help the people with tax problems. There’s a reason he has a low rating with the BBB, he has no experience in tax resolution. However, he does deserve an Academy Award for fooling the general public thus far.

What is becoming clear though is a pattern of the fly-by-night tax resolution company:

their record at the BBB FIRST starts as an "A rating" and sometimes with BBB accreditation: Professional Tax Care BBB rating THEN the record plummets to C and then D plus and then finally a F rating. They lose their accreditation with the BBB and then they close their doors and are added to the Deceased List

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