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Fees for Tax Representation: What Should you Expect to Pay?

At Washington Tax Services, we charge FLAT FEES for tax representation. The most common fees for our service are between $250 on the low end and $2550 on the high end. A rare few complex cases require fees north of $3000, if not $10000. What are some of the factors that would increase your fee?

1. If you have a Revenue Officer or a Field Officer assigned to your case.

2. If you owe 941 payroll taxes and wish to keep your business open.

3. If you are a business: self-employed cases require more paperwork.

4. If you are being levied or garnished and your case will require immediate attention.

5. Your fees will increase if your case is NOT finished within a year due to your or the IRS' delay.

We would say our average fee is $1050 to $1500. However, if we are simply going to research your case with the IRS before offering any big solutions, we will take a small opening fee between $350 to $500. Tax preparation fees, of course, are separate from tax resolution fees.

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