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by Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent

How much do tax relief companies charge?

As any reader of our blog knows, we keep a close eye on the competition in the world of tax resolution and representation services. Unequivocally the biggest player, as far as the spending of the marketing dollar, is Optima Tax Relief in Southern California. Optima began in early 2012, but in very little time has become one of—if not the largest—"tax relief" firms in the country. They also market themselves as Tax Relief Partners and Tax Debt Helper. You can hear Optima everywhere on the radio and we've even seen some of their stuff on TV.

To Optima's credit, their BBB record is still solid and that's no easy task considering their volume of clients. Nonetheless, Optima does charge a premium for the services. They usually take a $900-$1,000 down payment to research their client's case, then charge a much larger fee to continue with their work.

Many of our customers prefer our lower fees, experienced staff on the front lines of their case, and a highly efficient system to resolve the case. Optima can certainly argue that you get what you pay for: they have attorneys, CPA's and Enrolled Agents while we have only Accountants and Enrolled Agents. (All are qualified to represent you fully before the IRS.) We don't begrudge them that opinion, but our fees are so much lower with no loss in quality service that you want might to reconsider who you entrust to solve your tax problem.

If you've spoken to Optima and been quoted a fee, you might be impressed with a general outline of our fee structure.

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