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Deciding on Tax Representation: Important clues show legitimacy of company you might hire

I try to keep people informed on tax resolution and tax representation companies who are trying to reach a national audience thru my list of 155: A List of 155 Tax Resolution Companies. However, beyond this list, there are more cues and clues that can tip the hand of a tax resolution company that might not be acting in your best interest.

First, let's be clear -- time spent in the business of tax resolution -- is very important. Any company that has been representing taxpayers for over 10 years has to be doing something right. The tax resolution business is a very delicate - high risk/reward business that has the potential of customer service disasters.

Second, BBB is a good resource. Make sure that a company has a record there. You might want to downgrade companies with A ratings that have been in business less than 2 years.

All of that said, one very big clue is HOW the tax resolution salesperson/consultant follows up for your business after initially speaking to you. Be suspicious of "false" urgency to get them to have you hire them. Furthermore, if you are getting hammered with followup calls: be suspect. One follow-up call is ENOUGH. Beyond that: I think his/her commission is more important than YOU. I have been working in and am aware of these sales-driven environments enough to know that the SERVICE SHOULD SELL ITSELF. You don't need to be harassed to hire a tax resolution company.

The other clue is the FEE. I have said again and again on this blog: that if you are going to pay someone $3000 or $4000 or more for representation: the company better be ready to give you the red carpet treatment as well as a slew of services for the fee. More on that here: What $4000 should pay for in tax resolution services

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