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Companies that Send Letters to Tax Liens: “Final Notice: U.S.C. Title 26 7122”

Did you receive a letter from Tax Processing Center, 4133 Avenida de la Plata, Oceanside, CA 92056?

Their notice is titled FINAL NOTICE: U.S.C. Title 26 7122 and reads:

"This is your FINAL NOTICE. You will not receive any further notice from NTE offering to help you reduce your taxes owed by as much as 90% under (U.S.C.) Title 26 7122. We may be able to immediately stop the following actions: wage garnishments, all levies & seizures."

The other side of the notice says...

Tax Processing Center
Tax Lien Division Phone 1-(800) 656-1732 or 1-(800)796-0013

Mailing to tax liens is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the tax resolution company playbook. The company behind these mailings is: National Tax. National Tax Debt is one of the biggest players in the tax lien mailing game.

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In 2013, the National Tax Debt Company also sent out a mailing as the "Tax Lien Verification Lien Unit: Tax Lien Verification Unit Letter.

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