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Cold Calling Tax Liens, Mailing to Tax Liens....How About Going Door-to-Door to Tax Liens?!!!

After nearly 30 years in the business of solving tax problems - we thought we had heard it all until today. We just stumbled upon a company "Global Resources, LLC" of Chicago - that actually has well-dressed "sales" people that go door-to-door to people/businesses with tax liens! Holy cow. AS we have written previously on the Tax Problem Resolution Blog , mailing to tax liens and cold-calling tax liens is a common marketing practice in the tax industry. However - door-to-door - that is some bold marketing! But judging from Global Resource's D plus rating at the BBB - it apparently is NOT a form of marketing that is pleasing to the public. Their complaints at the BBB - seem to largely be related to "Advertising."-- J.F.

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