Jay Freeborne

by Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent

It appears that "Tax Help Line" of Irvine, California is now closed. Phone calls to the numbers on both their website http://www.thetaxhelpline.com/ and their BBB record: F Rated BBB record go to a busy signal. Their F rated BBB record was a clue that they were not too long for this world. But there don't seem to be unanswered complaints. So -- I would be happy to correct my assessment.

On the BBB record, their president is listed as a Lou Chase - whether this is a real person or a pseudonym remains to be seen. If someone at the company - can tell me if someone is going to serve their maybe abandoned clients -- please let me know: EMAIL US HERE. Otherwise: Tax Help Line's closure is a common one. A total of 6 Southern California tax relief firms closed in 2012. And dozens have closed before that.

Here's my list of every dead tax resolution company I know of: The Graveyard of Tax Relief: R.I.P.

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