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Two Years To Get to IRS Resolution: a Satisfied Customer’s Case

It took two years for Washington Tax to get the following customer an Offer in Compromise with the IRS. With his tax problem now completely resolved, the customer rewarded us with the following review dated 2/26/15 at bbb.com. Let's break his letter apart and look at how the resolution of his tax problem case came to be:

"If you have any sort of tax issue, Washington Tax Services is the ONLY place to go. I did a lot of research before speaking with Jay and his team. My small business had a penalty liability of well over 200K. You can imagine the stress upon receiving that news!

This was a business tax 941's. The tax debt was older and the company was still operating.

"Jay immediately put my fears to rest and he and his team did a remarkable job over the next two years."

The case took two years because the IRS rejected the Offer and we had to take the case to IRS Appeals.

"Bottom line, we are settling this staggering amount via an OIC for about 15% of the liability."

It was a $45,000 settlement to pay off about $300,000 owed to the IRS.

"I can't say enough about Washington Tax Service - they are responsive; they keep you updated constantly, and they answered every call I made."

We are very honored for him to emphasize our availability and besides our price/knowledge, this is WATAX's edge. All customer service people are accessible by phone until the case is done; no voicemail (except after-hours and weekends). Emails get responded to the same day if not hour and even on many weekends.

"Top notch service by a top-notch team. It does not matter where in the country you are - if you have a tax issue, call the team at Washington Tax Services now.

Thanks guys! Paul - Villa Rica, Georgi

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