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An entertaining review by a WATAX customer

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She said YES! IRS rep, that is. Washington Tax Service just got me the absolute best affirmative answer to a proposal since the day I hitched my (non-liable) wife!! I found WA Tax service after watching Jay's amazingly informative videos on YouTube: I honestly felt like I could do the entire process myself thanks to the free information he shared, but I felt indebted to him so I called to see what he says. He NEVER pressured me to use his services and never tried to make me feel like I was naive to think I could do it myself: he was as authentic as he is in his videos and simply described what he could do, what it would cost and how what to expect regarding a time frame for resolution! Tens of thousands of dollars were on the line, so I thought it best not to risk it on my own and WOW am I glad I didn't!!! Jay and the rest of the crew at WA Tax were crystal clear on what they needed from me, were on me when deadlines approached and were completely self-sufficient otherwise, only communicating to give direct updates or to request new information as the case progressed. Literally, I don't have the ability to think of how this process could have been any better. Final OIC accepted was just a handful of hundreds instead of those TENS OF THOUSANDS!!!

Response from the owner Thanks for writing perhaps one of our most entertaining reviews we can remember - we re glad things worked out for you!

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