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After Three Years, the IRS Scam Based in India is Closed!?


As you can see above - the visits to our "IRS Scam" page have diminished to nearly nothing thanks to the efforts of the Indian government who shut down the scam finally: Indian Call Centers Shut Down. We had been tracking this scam since it's inception in 2013. In three years, the scam managed to con several millions of dollars from duped US citizens. Glad to see that it's gone!

If you were as disgusted by this scam as we were, you might feel better after reading an entertaining piece at written by Alvin Chang who "trolled" the IRS scam for months before they closed down.

We are proud to have helped thousands avoid this scam: Beware of IRS Scam (our comment's section had 413 posts!). We promise to be there to report on the next shady stuff in the tax world that we see come down the pike.

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