Beware of Scam: Strong Accented People in (415),(347), (206) and many other area codes are CLAIMING TO BE IRS!

Several clients and numerous other people around the country have been getting calls from people claiming to be the the IRS "Investigative Bureau" from 415-484-2132 and 415-484-8341, 347-559-7963 and multiple other phone numbers: HERE. These strong accented individuals (Middle Eastern accent) calling from these phone numbers claim that they are IRS investigators and are threatening lawsuits.

You gotta wonder who these people are: ISIS? Here's hoping the IRS TIGTA division shuts these people down, but with the scam originating overseas that's a tough task. These folks are truly scaring people. In many instances, they are asking people to send them the almost 100% fictional tax amounts due OR ELSE! (These people are so stupid they were calling during the government shutdown (in which the IRS was closed.) These strongly accented folks also go by the most generic American names: Kenneth Webster, John Brown, etc. It's laughable.

AS one of our client's told us:

"I received a call from 415-484-2132 and they told me they were the "IRS Investigative Bureau" -- they told me to call them back immediately at 415-484-2132 and ask for Kenneth Webster -- he said 'you must know that you are in serious delinquency and we will expect to have your case before the magistrate by Monday.'" Magistrate? Ha-ha- they grew up in the old British commonwealth obviously. India?

If you were called by these clowns - relax. The IRS doesn't harass people like this. They always send notices and letters first. If you really have a tax problem or haven't filed your tax returns, call us at WATAX at 1-888-282-4697 or EMAIL us a description of your tax issue HERE and we'll contact you to discuss how it can be resolved.

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